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Julio Caballero


Julio Caballero studied Chemistry at Universidad de La Habana, where he graduated with a Gold Diploma in 2001. In 2002-2004 he worked on protein engineering in the Enzyme Technology Group at Universidad de Matanzas. He began to work on pharmaceutical modeling and artificial intelligence in 2004 and founded the Molecular Modeling Group at the same university. In 2006 he moved to Talca, Chile and began to work at Universidad de Talca. He was incorporated into the Ph.D. program in Applied Sciences in 2008. He completed his Ph.D. degree working in computational biochemistry in 2012 and was appointed as Assistant Professor at Universidad de Talca. Recently, he was promoted to Full Professor at the same university. At this moment Julio Caballero is member of the regular academic staff of Universidad de Talca, head of the department of Bioinformatics, researcher at the ‘Centro de Bioinformática, Simulación y Modelado’ (CBSM), and lecturer of the ‘School of Civil Engineering in Bioinformatics’ at the ‘Faculty of Engineering’ at the same university


  1. 1996-2001


    Universidad de La Habana, Cuba
  2. 2008


    Universida de Talca

B.Sc. in Chemistry

  1. 2002-2004
    Work in protein engineering
    Enzyme Technology Group at Universidad de Matanzas
  2. 2006
    Universidad de Talca