CBSM, University of Talca, Campus Lircay

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José Luis Velázquez-Libera

Postdoctoral Researcher PHD Student (2016-2020)

University of Talca, Faculty of Engineering

José Luis’ project

José Luis was student of the PhD program in Applied Sciences. He made the project ‘Theoretical study of the arginase interactions with their substrates and inhibitors’. In this project he investigated the structural features of arginases and their substrates and inhibitors. The structural information in PDB does not solve some questions about the initial structure and catalytic mechanism of arginase. Is the arginine protonated or deprotonated at the beginning of the reaction? Is the nucleophilic attack performed by a water molecule or by a hydroxide ion? How is the mechanism? This project also had the objective of determining the chemical features that govern arginase-inhibitor interactions by using docking and QSAR methods.

PhD in Applied Sciences